My name is Erica and I’m so happy you’re here! I like to write and take photos and this is the place where I do just that. It’s great! I currently reside in Chicago, Illinois, although I’m originally from Vermont and spent a good amount of time in Utah. I miss the mountains daily, but city life is the life for me. I live with my boo-friend Sam, eat way to much food and spend an inappropriate amount of time at the dog beach considering I don’t have a dog.
I’ve written in journals ever since I can remember and I think of blogging as an extension of that.. A journal that I can share and look back through so easily. Here you will find posts about my everyday life in Chicago, food I’m eating, books I’m loving and really whatever I feel like rambling about that day.

Things I enjoy always

+ sour patch kids
+ dogs
+ making lists
+ minimalism
+ yoga
+ watercoloring
+ traveling
+ settlers of catan (nerd alert)
+ writing letters, sending mail
+ coffee & shops that sell coffee

Things I enjoy sometimes
+ running
+ eating paleo
+ crocheting
+ waking up early

Things I enjoy pretty much never
+ rude people
+ small talk
+ brussel sprouts
+ chicago winters

Thanks for stopping by! If you want to know more, or want to collaborate, you can reach me at erica {at} sweet-endeavors {dot} com


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