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The nice thing about being new to a city is that you’re forced out of your comfort zone – whether you like it or not. Everything is new. Restaurants, bars, neighborhoods. You have to relearn everything. You have to find a new go-to pizza place, a favorite coffee shop for studying, a no-brainer Thai place.. you know, the important things.

We’re still in the trenches of finding these forever favorite places, but believe us, we’ve been doing our research. For pizza, so far we’ve tried Black Sheep, Pizza Luce and Punch.. none of which were mind blowing (sorry Minneapolians), we were so spoiled with pizza in Chicago. (Miss you, Coalfire).

Luckily for us, we’ve met a lot of people who love to recommend their favorite bars and restaurants. I have a running list of places to go, which is great. I also came across this website called On The Grid, which has guides for basically all cities, Minneapolis being one of them. The website breaks it down by neighborhoods and recommends restaurants, shops, museums, etc.


And of course I took at peek at the places it recommends in Chicago. Whoof was that painful. I’ve been missing Chi so, so much. I felt like a sad ex-girlfriend while I was looking at the Chicago guide. It’s like looking at an exes Facebook page.. you know it will only make you more sad but you do it anyways. Or like listening to sad music when you’re already bummed.. Why do we do that to ourselves?screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-5-42-24-pm


Missing Chicago is hard, but it definitely helps to be somewhere that has so many great things to offer. There is no shortage of good food or alcohol. Just yesterday we went to Tattersall Distillery and it was incredible.

Hopefully this helps any of you who are exploring a new city as well, or if you just need some new spots in the city you’ve always been in.

xox, e

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