DIY Copper + Yarn Wall Hanging


It’s been five weeks since we’ve moved into our new apartment and I’m embarrassed to tell you that most of our walls are still bare. I’ve made it my goal this week to start hanging our art and make our space feel more “finished”.

I think one of the hardest places to decide what to hang on the wall is above the couch. It’s such a focal point and something you really love should be placed there. I was struggling with what to put above ours and that’s why I decided to make this wall hanging. I love the homey warmth it brings to the space and it’s super easy to create. And bonus – it’s really inexpensive to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:

SUPPLIES: copper pipe (mine is 2 feet long), copper couplings (1/2 inch), yarn, scissors


1. Place your copper pipe between two chairs, this will make it much easier to work with.

2. cut yarn into strips to your desired length and drape the strips over the pipe. This step is tedious – I suggest having an interesting podcast on while working.


3. Once you have your desired look and length, knot each strip of yarn using a larks head knot – similar to how you would tie a luggage tag. Tighten and repeat until all the strips are knotted.wall-hanging_knotwall-hanging_knot2

4. Finally, add your copper couplings in a pattern of your choosing. For the size of my yarn, 6 strips fit perfectly into each coupling. I decided to arrange mine in an upward arrow formation

5. To hang it, make sure it’s level and rest the pipe over two nails. wall-hanging_finished

And that’s it! Super easy. I love this project because you can really customize it with the colors and the arrangement of your couplings. Also, the couplings are really easy to move around, so if you get tired of their placement, you can easily update it to give it a different look!


Thanks so much for stopping by! Let me know if you try this DIY.

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