It’s really crazy how things come full circle in life.

We’ve been in Minneapolis for one month now, and it’s been a crazy, fun, wonderful, exhausting, tearful, joyful 4 weeks. I think any and all adjectives can be used for how I’ve felt in the past month. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least. But I’ve always been a fan of rollercoasters (especially the really scary upside-down-ones), so here I am.

Today, I was thinking back to when I first moved to Chicago nearly three years ago. And if you’ve been coming around this-here-blog for some time now (first of all, thank you) you may remember this post from 2014 – I had been in Chicago for a few months by that point and I wrote about wanting to go to Costco, because it would remind me of Salt Lake and I was craving some familiarity.

Although I haven’t craved a trip to Costco since moving to Minneapolis, there are definitely things that I crave day-to-day that are familiar and normal. Things that are easy and comfortable.

For the past few weeks, Sam and I have been watching Friends re-runs. Even though we’ve both seen the show multiple times, I think subconsciously we decided to watch it again (for the umpteenth time) because it’s familiar and easy. We know we like it, there’s not much we need to pay attention to, and it feels good. When so much else is new and uncertain, it’s nice to have something really familiar to look forward to.

There’s something really comforting and beautiful about familiarity. From a person who loves new things and new places, occasionally I’ve gotta back away and appreciate those things that are so often labeled “boring” or “been-there-done-that.” Among all the new new new, it’s nice to have an old favorite to come back to after a long day of meeting new people and getting lost coming home from an interview.

Looking back on that post from 2014 in Chicago makes me so happy and hopeful. I remember writing that and feeling unsure if Chicago would ever feel like home. And it’s funny because really shortly after that, so many things came together in that wonderful city. I met Sam, I made some amazing friends and more and more Chicago truly felt like my home.

It’s nice to know that the same will happen here in Minneapolis. I’ll find my routines, things will become more familiar and I’ll make great Friends.

For now, we’ve got Friends to help us get there.

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