To Choker or Not to Choker?

How do you feel about the choker-trend? I can’t decide if I love it or if it’s too 90s for me. Did you rock one of those plastic, elastic chokers in the 90s? I was all about those in elementary school.

Lately I’ve been seeing chokers all over the place. I’m surprised by how chic I think they look. Here’s some inspiration:

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I love this one, but $78 for a trendy choker? No thanks.

Here are some other options from Asos that are a bit more affordable:
Double strand leather-look for $8
Similar to the Free People choker but for $35
Pack of 3 velvet chokers for $16

So what are your thoughts? Would you wear it?

xox, e


2 thoughts on “To Choker or Not to Choker?

  1. sasha

    totally agree with you on this! love your links me eyeing one and wondering if i should go for the trend!


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