2016 Resolutions

2016 Resolutions

Hi Friends. I hope your first week of 2016 is going fabulously. I’m so excited for this new year. For some reason I prefer even years. They’re just better. I can’t explain it.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions.. I do them every year! You can see my 2013, 2014 and 2015 resolutions here on the blog. I’ve even mentioned before how I’ve done monthly resolutions. You can read about that here. I’m crazy, I know. But I love a new beginning. I love setting goals. And I love a fresh start. A clean slate. It’s so great. And now I’m rhyming.

Let’s just get into the resolutions. They are short and sweet and somewhat silly. Here we go:

Take care of myself & the things around me. This is pretty general on purpose because I think there are many ways that I can improve on this 2016. I want to take care of myself emotionally and physically. I need to eat more greens and workout more often (I joined a gym in December and I’m already LOVING it). I also need to be kinder to myself and speak to myself as if I’m speaking to a friend. As far as taking care of the things around me, this mostly means cleaning and keeping things tidy. I’d like to get in the habit of making my bed every morning (I’m embarrassed that I don’t do that already) and keep my closet more consistently organized.

Learn to pickle. This one is pretty silly, but I want to try pickling! I’ve purchased my mason jars and I’m ready to get started! This past year I cooked way more than ever before and I loved it! I want to continue this in 2016 with new recipes, starting with pickling. If you have any advice for a new pickler, let me know! 😉

Practice hand lettering. This past year I followed along with the #52handlettered project on Instagram that Mirantikayess started. Basically she provided a weekly prompt and people used her hashtag to share their hand lettering work. It was so cool and I was so inspired that I want to take time to practice my own hand lettering. Unfortunately Miranti won’t be creating new prompts in 2016 for #52handlettered, but I hope to use some of her past prompts for inspiration.

Read all of the Harry Potter books. I know I might loose friends over this, but I have never completed the Harry Potter series. Terrible and shocking, I know. My goal this year is to finish the entire series! I’ve already read the first two and I’ve loved them! I’d also just like to read more in general (this is always included in my New Year’s resolutions.. but this year I’m keeping it, I SWEAR!) Right now I’m reading this book, but once I’m finished it’s on to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

there you have it. My short and sweet list of goals for this year. What are your hopes and dreams for 2016? I’d love to know!

LOVE Y’ALL. HAPPY 2016! xoxo

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