Here’s to 2014

I am ALL for resolutions. To be honest, sometimes I make them monthly (remember when I made these goals for myself in November). So when it comes to January first, I can’t wait to get my Super-Bowl-sized resolutions underway (to read my resolutions from last year, click here). 

2014 will be a big year for me. In six short days, I am moving 1,000 miles away from Salt Lake City to Chicago (I’m slightly terrified, shh don’t tell anyone). Because of this, a lot of my resolutions are based around the move:

  • Read at least one book each month (possibly join a book club). Some of you may be cringing at this resolution. The fact that I have to make a resolution to read ONLY one book a month is sad, I know. But to be honest, I don’t read as much as I should (or as much as I want to ). So this year, I will make a consicous effort to read at least one book every month, and maybe I’ll make this a series on Sweet Endeavors, to write reviews for the books I read. I’m excited. 
  • Knock at least 30 more items off my 101 list. To keep on track to complete my 101 items by November 2015, I need to cross off 30 more things this year (shouldn’t be too difficult). Some of the items that I think I’ll get to this year include:
    • Move to another state
    • Take a cooking class
    • Mail a friend a surprise package
    • Have a reunion with my Italy Roommate
  • Find a job in Chicago that I really love. As of right now, I have no job lined up in the Windy City (which may be contributing to my freaking out?). As of right now, I’d take any job (for the most part), coffee shops, retail, restaurants, I’m not above anything. But by the end of the year, I want to have a job that I can actually be excited about, that will look good on the resume and that will be in a field that I’m truly interested in. 
  • Start a savings plan (again). In 2013, I developed a savings strategy so I could make this big move to Chicago, and now that all my savings is now in my checking account and being used for moving, my savings is sad. Once I’m settled into the city, and have a job, I will start saving money again. 
  • Say “YES” more. Sometimes, when I find myself in awkward situations, where I may not know many people, I tend to back out of social situations and stay home instead of barring the what-could-be awkward conversations with people who could potential become friends. And since I am in a new city, and only know a couple people, I need to put myself out there more. I need to put myself in “awkward/new” situations and also, initiate those situations. I’ll be friendless in the city otherwise. 
Okay my friends, there you have it. My two thousand fourteen resolutions. What are yours?! I’d love to know!!

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