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art prints

August 13, 2016

A few days ago I shared this post where I shared some photos of our new apartment. You can clearly see from those photos that we are in serious need of some art on our walls! I’ve gathered a few (affordable) art prints that I’m loving and considering for our new apartment.
art prints

1/ by Shannon Kristen via Minted
2/ by Compose rose Photography via Minted
3/ by Trine Struwe via Leif
4/ via Leif
5/ by David Ehrenstrahle via My Guide To
6/ by Clare Elsaesser via Etsy
7/ by Tina Crespo via Urban Outfitters
8/ by MB Captured via Society6
9/ by Wendy Laurel via Eventide Collective
10/ by Eva Jorsensen via Sycamore Street Press
11/ by Kristina Sostarko via Inaluxe

Which one is your favorite??

xox, e



Minneapolis Apartment

August 10, 2016

Hello from Minneapolis! We’ve been here for just about a week now and we’ve been busy exploring our new ‘hood. We’re in the North Loop by so many great coffee shops and restaurants.. like The Bachelor Farmer and Parlour. We’re also just two blocks from the Mississippi River (who else had no idea that the Mississippi River was in Minnesota?!) so we’ve been biking along the trails and enjoying the water.

We love our apartment and it’s now officially box-free. We still need to hang most things on the wall, but I thought I’d share a few photos of the apartment with you, and an inspiration board I put together of how I hope our apartment looks and feels once it’s complete.


This is our main living space. It’s pretty spacious and our entire apartment has concrete floors throughout, which I really like. All the walls are painted white, which I’m also really into. Normally I would crave a bit more color, but right now I’m loving the simplicity that’s happening in our apartment. It feels really clean and minimal. I’m hoping to get more hung on the walls (note the few things on the floor in the corner) but besides that (and maybe adding a few more plants #obvi) I think this room is pretty much done.

This is what the other side of the room looks roomLike I said, the walls need to be decorated!

Here’s a peek at our bedroom..

It’s quite a bit smaller than the bedroom that we had in Chicago, but I actually really like the size. It feels cozy and I think we’ll be better at keeping it tidy since it’s pretty small. So far, we’ve made the bed every morning! #progressIMG_3172

This is just a quick snap of my dresser. In Chicago, this baby was COVERED in pictures, makeup, jewelry, etc. Luckily our apartment now has a bathroom with a lot of storage space, so I’m keeping my makeup and jewelry off my dresser table. I love how simple my dresser is now. With just my mirror (that was thrifted and I painted gold), fresh wild flowers that I picked at the Minneapolis farmer’s market, my favorite photo of my sister and me, and a ceramic bowl I made last year holding my everyday jewelry. I love how minimal it is. The less clutter, the better.

Our kitchen:IMG_3193

There’s a lot of cabinet space, which I love! We need to add a few more barstool chairs (how do you feel about having mismatched chairs? I think I’m into the idea..) There’s a lot of birchwood going on here, so I like the idea of adding more color (or more white, really) to change it up. I’m open to ideas if you have ’em!!IMG_3194

I love the hood over our oven.

Here’s the view out our living room window.. I love how large the windows are in the space


And finally, here’s the mood board I put together for some home decor inspo:Apartment Moodboard

The three words that I want to describe our apartment are:

I hope you like seeing the beginning stages of our apartment! I will definitely share more once we’ve added more!

xoxo, e


5 Home Goods Stores You May Not Know About

May 4, 2016

I think homewares is my favorite thing to shop for, even more than clothing. There’s something so nice about adding a new item to your home. It’s something that you will see and/or use every single day. You can make a space completely your own by adding a few extra goodies.
It’s great.
I have spent a good amount of time online “window” shopping for home goods and over my tenure I’ve compiled a list of go-to places for inspiration. These 5 stores are a bit more under the radar, so I thought I’d share them with you and show you a few of my favorite things that they sell.











Where are some of your favorite shops for home goods? I always love to know!

xox, E


Loving lately: Hanging Flowers

February 12, 2016

Hi friends. Happy Friday. I have been seeing so many beautiful photos recently on Pinterest with lovely hanging flowers. I know this is typically done for weddings, but it’s so pretty it should be done for other occasions too! Birthdays, showers, just a random day!

1045d6317bd76d5786186b636a54f4c9 ee4dd8f7100ec9e8d71460a9932b1fd0 aedd9f278f3cc9af66ec56387f2b371d 412ea437d626b5bfb254aff5b4b348b6 e0715df86414dd67f3540969641a4c7e 70d00a5ff3098a5febef1210f235357d f3f783a9c1fac160b4d2982d0e499256 6166a31bc9f1bc4f02bc01ecdf80e9e2 8971453b5fb3045d83c685112d5aee46So pretty, right? Hope you have a good weekend

xx – Erica


A Frame

February 2, 2016


I’ve been particularly obsessed with a-frame cabins recently. They just look so cute and cozy and it would be a dream to one day own one of these beauties. Imagine snuggling up inside with hot chocolate, a million blankets and a good book. My ideal cabin would be close to mountains for skiing access in the winter and also by a lake, for epic weekend trips on the water for the summer. A girl can dream, right?

Here are some a-frame cabins I’ve been lusting over recently.

4ef82b8a680712cb36696b23318ba218 f97400f9f2a38e8ee26e04a6d851d418 236658737ced5ba66be33480fc5c50bf 9ebff1f8f88ec5a15a020e612c2acf98 d205103236d86eaa05bf16c9e83354cd 933adaef3ccff226410e4ce1af73ad62 4191e9a0bc827227034f41b1973795e5 61b6d7755dfa109df96679bd67069e12

Want to see more? Check out my Pinterest

xx – erica


Color Inspiration

August 5, 2015

I’ve been spending some quality time with Pinterest the last few days. Sam has been out of town this week, so I’m filling the hours alone in the apartment with Pinterest. There are worse things.

Obviously one of my favorite things about Pinterest is the home decor inspo that it brings, but to be honest, sometimes it overwhelms me. I see these beautiful rooms filled with so much character and charm and sometimes it’s almost too much to take it all in. We live in a rental apartment that has nice features, but lacks a bit in character (think exposed brick, vaulted ceilings, etc.). It makes me feel like the rooms that I’m lusting over on Pinterest are unattainable to me. But when I really think about what I love most about the photos, it often comes down to the color choices in the room. So maybe right now we can’t have painted black flooring or the exact abstract artwork in the photo, but we can find things in similar color families and add them to our spaces to give a similar vibe.

Sometimes it’s hard to look past the details in each room and just focus on colors, so I’ve gone ahead and taken five photos of beautiful rooms that I’m loving, and pulled out my favorite colors from each to use as a guide. I hope this helps anyone with the same design problem as me!
Color Inspo_Home_5



Color Inspo_Home_2



Color Inspo_Home_3



Color Inspo_Home_4



Color Inspo_Home_1

xo, E

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