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Fall Capsule Wardrobe

October 2, 2015

Welcome to my fall capsule wardrobe! Here I’ll show you everything that I plan on wearing for the next three months (37 pieces, including shoes!) Before I jump into the fun stuff, let me talk about why I’m choosing to limit my closet to these 37 items.

I have been playing around with a capsule wardrobe for a few months now. At the beginning of the summer, I decided to not purchase any clothing from June 1st through September 1st, and I actually stuck with it. (which is crazy, y’all! I was such a shopaholic!) Overall, I saved more money in those three months than I normally do and I found that over time, the temptation to go shopping, window shopping, or browsing online decreased dramatically. Opening up more time to do more important things.

I’ve been so inspired by minimalist fashion bloggers ( is my fave) and the “less is more” mentality. I noticed over the last three months that my last minute shopping decisions were leading to more money spent on things that I didn’t really want and need long term. I also would spend a lot of time shopping sales and buying things because they were cheaper, and not necessarily because I loved them, leading to a closet stuffed full with things that didn’t bring me much joy.

So, I purged my closet, donated so many things over the past three months and tucked things away in storage that I know I won’t wear for the next season, and now here I am with these 37 pieces. I’ve been dressing with this wardrobe for over a week now and it’s been so nice to get dressed in the morning with a closet full of things that I’m  excited to wear. Although the quantity of my clothes has decreased dramatically, the overall quality of the pieces I do have is so much greater than before.

Now for the fun stuff, the clothes. Here we go:

Fall Capsule Wardrobe_tops blue check shirtchambray shirt – purple plaid shirt (gap)

Polka dot shirt (anthropologie) – floral shirt (piperlime) – grey long sleeve tee

striped teehome teegreen v-neck tee

grey tee – white baseball tee (j crew) – grey sweatshirt

black sweatergrey patterned sweater – navy & grey sweater (anthropologie)

grey v-neck sweater (similar) – dark grey cardigan (similar) – burnt orange sweater (gap)

Fall Capsule Wardrobe_Bottomscargo vest (similar) – denim vest – striped skirt (similar)

striped dress (similar) – silk pantsgreen high-rise jeans

distressed skinny jeansdark skinny jeans – distressed boyfriend jeans (similar)

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Shoes

red suede bootiesbrown leather bootiesblack booties

nude d’orsay flatsblack flats

black leather bootsbrown tie-up bootsbrown leather boots

black leather vanswhite high top converse

Let me know if you are interested in seeing how I style my capsule! And if you have any questions about capsule wardrobes, feel free to ask a question in the comments, or over on my instagram.

xo, e


Monday Minimalism – Throw Away 100 Things

April 13, 2015

Happy new week friends! I’m here again with a Monday Minimalism post. Can’t stop won’t stop.

I first heard about the “throw away 100 things” challenge from Jess Lively. The idea, simply, is to part with 100 things in your home that a) don’t bring you joy or b) you simply don’t have a need or purpose for. 100 seems like such a large number, but once I started it was surprising how quickly I came up with things to part with. Here’s how it broke down:

+ I started with my nail polishes. Which for most people might seem like a strange place to start. But I’m here to confess that I have a serious nail polish problem. At one point in time I had close to 100 bottles of polish. It’s bad. I know. When I moved to Chicago I purged a lot of it, and probably ended up bring close to 30 bottles with me. The thing is now, I almost never paint my nails and when I do, I gravitate towards the same colors in my collection. So, I parted with half my collection, throwing away/giving away 15 bottles.

85 more things to go.

+ Then I moved on to magazines. I always hang on to magazines so much longer than necessary, thinking that maybe one day I’ll need to reference an article or will want to look at those pictures of Taylor Swift in really expensive clothing just one more time. Of course, I never do. These magazines sit on my bookshelf, taking up space and gathering dust for months on end. It was time to part with them. So I tossed 20.

65 more things to go.

+ Similarly to my former nail polish obsession, I had a thing for makeup. Now, I’m much more mindful about what makeup I buy, knowing that the bright fuchsia lipstick is fun, but realistically I’ll never wear it. Because of my makeup-hoarding days, I had a lot of things in my makeup bag that were old, unusable, or just plain bad (I’m looking at you blue sparkly eyeshadow). I got rid of 18 pieces of makeup.

47 things to go. More than half way there!

+ Sasha and I have compiled many a thing in our junk drawers over the 18 months that we’ve lived together. So much so that we have 2 drawers to hold all of the miscellaneous stuff. We took a minute to go through the drawers and ended up tossing 15 things. Most of it was standard junk drawer trash that gathers over time but somehow we had TWO Pez dispensers in there. A Hello Kitty and Santa. It was time to part ways with them.

32 things left to toss.

+ Lastly, I moved to my closet. I knew that my closet would be the biggest challenge of all. If you read last week’s minimalism post, you know that I’m in the beginning stages of creating a capsule wardrobe, so down-sizing my closet has already been on the front burner of my mind. I took every single thing out of my closet, set each piece on my bed, and proceeded to try on everything I own. Determining if I still like the fit, the color, the style, etc. With each piece I asked myself whether I would buy it again and would I be excited to wear it tomorrow. If the answer was “no” or “I don’t know” it went in the donation pile.  I ended up getting rid of/donating 52 pieces of clothing and 10 accessories. Putting me way over the 100 things!


If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen this already. If you don’t follow me, you should! Let’s be Insta Friends @erica_endeavors

I ended up parting ways with 130 things, and it was so much easier than I initially thought it would be. My space is tidier and my mind is clearer.

You should try it! I promise it’s easier than it sounds.

xo. E

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Monday Minimalism

April 6, 2015

It’s Monday. Let’s talk about Minimalism.

For the past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about simplifying my life. Mostly the materialistic aspects.

The term “minimalism” seems really daunting at first glance. The idea of living with less and getting rid of a large number of things that we’ve previously decided that we needed and therefore hung onto. But I’ve come to realize that it’s not as hard as it seems.

For about a month, I have been reading a few minimalism blogs and I picked up the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Konodo, and I’m drinking the kool-aid. I’m all in. I’m ready to live with less, and I’m starting with the place that seems to get out-of-hand most frequently. My closet.

My current favorite blog is Un-Fancy. The author Caroline dresses using a 37-piece capsule wardrobe. She switches out her wardrobe each season (every three months), but during the capsule, she chooses to not shop for clothing and to only display the 37 pieces in her closet. On her blog, she shows all of the outfits she is able to create from her “limited” closet. I put limited in quotations because I think that in the end, it actually feels like the opposite of limiting. When we are given too many choices, we can feel paralyzed by the number of things we have to choose from. There is this idea of paradox of choice, and we tend to assume that more choices equals better options and greater satisfaction, but it actually causes anxiety and limits creativity. 

I’ve been sharing this idea with my friends and family and I’ve received a lot of different reactions. One of the most common being “you’ll wear the same things over and over again.” But if I think about it, we usually gravitate towards the same pieces in our closets over and over again anyways, even though we have a crazy amount to choose from. I’ve been guilty of hanging onto pieces that I don’t love with the mindset of “maybe, one day, I’ll wear this” but I never do. So because of Un-Fancy and other research I’ve done, I am motivated to make the move, cut down my wardrobe and shop less, but shop smart.

This comes at a pretty ideal time, because I’m moving apartments in a few weeks, and will be soon sharing my closet space (as well as my entire space) with my love. And I’m sure he’s very appreciate that I will not be bringing a 200-piece closet into our shared space : )

I’m definitely in the very beginning stages of all of this. But I’m really excited about physically and mentally clearing my space.

What do you think? Would you do it?

xox, E

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Morning Routines

April 3, 2015

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about morning routines. For the past couple of months I’ve stumbled upon blog posts, podcasts and even a website completely dedicated to the practice of a morning ritual. It’s insanity how much this idea keeps popping up, and now I’m taking it as a sign that I need to put some practices in place during my first hours each day.

If someone were to ask me if I considered myself a morning person, I would almost immediately say yes. When I was growing up, my crazy figure skating practices had me getting out of bed at almost 5 a.m. every other morning. This caused me to never be able to sleep in on the weekends. I was the girl at slumber parties who would wake up at 7 and head downstairs to hang out with my friend’s parents while my pre-teen friends snoozed until the early afternoon. The things I managed to get done before most people got out of bed is so impressive to me now, and I wish I still had that in me.

The sad reality is, now that I don’t have olympic figure skating dreams to force me out of bed, I almost always press my snooze button and my mornings are inconsistent day-to-day. I don’t always have breakfast before leaving the house, and some days I’m up and headed to work in under 20 minutes. It’s bad, I know. But I’m here to make things right and to create better habits. And I’ve stumbled upon so much inspiration recently that I feel more than prepared to change my habits and kick-start my days in a beneficial way.

Here are the morning routine gems that I’ve loved lately:

This blog post on about Becky’s morning and bedtime rituals. Her routine sounds so relaxing and soothing that it makes me want to change me routine instantly. Starting tomorrow! I love that she includes her bedtime habits as well. So many people focus on waking up in the morning and starting the day off right, but I’m a firm believer that the way you feel before you fall asleep will most likely be the way you feel when you first wake up. To have a successful morning, you have to start with a successful night.

+ This podcast on The Lively Show where Jess speaks with Hal Elrod about his book The Miracle Morning. In Hal’s book he teaches six effective morning habits to start your day. The six practices spell out SAVERS and it stands for silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, scribing. Hal’s life story is incredibly interesting and motivational. Definitely give it a listen.

+This website is completely dedicated to different morning routines. Each day, someone is featured on the site explaining their morning habits and how it contributes to the overall success in their lives. I really enjoy this website because some of the routines featured are really relatable, real and funny. Like this one, where Courtney is asked if she likes to work out in the morning, and her response is, “..really, I prefer to count a good romp in the sack as a morning workout routine.” I mean, that’s hilarious and wonderful. This website is so captivating, I could read about stranger’s morning habits for hours.

I have so many great ideas and tools to use to start my routine. To be honest, I think this will take me a few months to get good at and to have a routine completely established. But I can’t wait to begin now to work towards more intentional morning practices. I envision my future-morning-self walking up closer to 6 a.m., writing for a few minutes while I drink lots of water (and let’s not kid ourselves, coffee). I’ll make sure to always eat breakfast, create plans and to-do lists for the day and maybe one day I’ll work up to exercising on a regular basis in the morning. Just maybe.

What do you do in the morning? Do you have a routine that you swear by? Tell me your secrets! I’m a wannabe morning person and I need all the help I can get.

love love love you.


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