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To Choker or Not to Choker?

August 11, 2016

How do you feel about the choker-trend? I can’t decide if I love it or if it’s too 90s for me. Did you rock one of those plastic, elastic chokers in the 90s? I was all about those in elementary school.

Lately I’ve been seeing chokers all over the place. I’m surprised by how chic I think they look. Here’s some inspiration:

b7a24fcbe92c75f7dea3876cd102bc4f 6a6d79e16d20505226b5111174f5324c 3c5e7ba96bd45fb5d6b39b327c7513a6

I love this one, but $78 for a trendy choker? No thanks.

Here are some other options from Asos that are a bit more affordable:
Double strand leather-look for $8
Similar to the Free People choker but for $35
Pack of 3 velvet chokers for $16

So what are your thoughts? Would you wear it?

xox, e



Sweet Swimmers

April 28, 2016

Chicago is playing a funny prank on us this week. As I write this summer-inspired post, it’s 45 degrees and rainy. Just last weekend Sam and I were patio brunching in shorts! Not cool, Chi. Next week is May, and this weather just can’t be happening in May.

Anyways, I hope that it’s warm where you are. And I hope you’re starting to think about summer clothes. I can’t stop looking at all the swimsuits online. I haven’t bought a new suit in a while (because you don’t really need a new suit every year when you live in landlocked states) but this year I might have to make a swim purchase, because there are SO MANY GOOD ONES. Here are just a few of the many faves I’ve come across recently:


SwimsuitsClockwise from the top: coral with black trim // floral one-piece // mint high-rise bottoms // high-neck halter // striped bikini // wild one-piece // scalloped hot pink bottoms // colorful geometric top

Which is your favorite?!

xox, E


Dresses for Weddings

March 27, 2016

Sam and I have been invited to seven weddings this year. SEVEN! This year seems to be the start of a lot of our friends and family getting married. We love it. But it’s also pretty stressful! None of the weddings we’ve been invited to are here in Chicago, so getting our way to every single one is becoming challenging. Impossible really. BUT I love love and love weddings, so we’re trying to get to as many as we can.

With many weddings come many fun dresses you get to wear to said weddings! Most of the weddings we’re going to are in the summer, so I’m on the lookout for pretty, summery dresses. Through all my searching I’ve found ten that I’m absolutely in love with. Here they are:

C6262_RD5576_mMadewell ($150)


Asos ($85)image4xxl

Asos ($55)image1xxl

Asos ($65)image4xxl-1

Asos ($77)

Asos ($128)_10074139

Nordstrom ($98)image4xxl-3

Asos ($411) LOVE, but pricey 🙁 (Similar in white for much less here)38015996_001_bUrban Outfitters ($79)38323069_049_d

Urban Outfitters ($89)

Which is your favorite?

Have you been invited to a bunch of weddings this year too? What are you planning on wearing??

xox, E


Pink and Red and Pretty All Over

January 27, 2016


February is the perfect time to apologetically wear loads and loads of reds and pinks (although, anytime of year is fine with me!) I’m so inspired by all of these bright and colorful outfits and spaces that I thought I’d share them here. Hopefully they inspire you too.

Sam and I are going on a fancy date tomorrow night and these images are inspiring me to put together a bright red and pink look. (has anyone else in Chicago taken advantage of Restaurant Week? We’re going to Bistro Champagne.. I’m so excited!)

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What’s been inspiring you lately??

xx Erica

fashion / minimalism

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

October 2, 2015

Welcome to my fall capsule wardrobe! Here I’ll show you everything that I plan on wearing for the next three months (37 pieces, including shoes!) Before I jump into the fun stuff, let me talk about why I’m choosing to limit my closet to these 37 items.

I have been playing around with a capsule wardrobe for a few months now. At the beginning of the summer, I decided to not purchase any clothing from June 1st through September 1st, and I actually stuck with it. (which is crazy, y’all! I was such a shopaholic!) Overall, I saved more money in those three months than I normally do and I found that over time, the temptation to go shopping, window shopping, or browsing online decreased dramatically. Opening up more time to do more important things.

I’ve been so inspired by minimalist fashion bloggers ( is my fave) and the “less is more” mentality. I noticed over the last three months that my last minute shopping decisions were leading to more money spent on things that I didn’t really want and need long term. I also would spend a lot of time shopping sales and buying things because they were cheaper, and not necessarily because I loved them, leading to a closet stuffed full with things that didn’t bring me much joy.

So, I purged my closet, donated so many things over the past three months and tucked things away in storage that I know I won’t wear for the next season, and now here I am with these 37 pieces. I’ve been dressing with this wardrobe for over a week now and it’s been so nice to get dressed in the morning with a closet full of things that I’m  excited to wear. Although the quantity of my clothes has decreased dramatically, the overall quality of the pieces I do have is so much greater than before.

Now for the fun stuff, the clothes. Here we go:

Fall Capsule Wardrobe_tops blue check shirtchambray shirt – purple plaid shirt (gap)

Polka dot shirt (anthropologie) – floral shirt (piperlime) – grey long sleeve tee

striped teehome teegreen v-neck tee

grey tee – white baseball tee (j crew) – grey sweatshirt

black sweatergrey patterned sweater – navy & grey sweater (anthropologie)

grey v-neck sweater (similar) – dark grey cardigan (similar) – burnt orange sweater (gap)

Fall Capsule Wardrobe_Bottomscargo vest (similar) – denim vest – striped skirt (similar)

striped dress (similar) – silk pantsgreen high-rise jeans

distressed skinny jeansdark skinny jeans – distressed boyfriend jeans (similar)

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Shoes

red suede bootiesbrown leather bootiesblack booties

nude d’orsay flatsblack flats

black leather bootsbrown tie-up bootsbrown leather boots

black leather vanswhite high top converse

Let me know if you are interested in seeing how I style my capsule! And if you have any questions about capsule wardrobes, feel free to ask a question in the comments, or over on my instagram.

xo, e


Fall Wardrobe Planning

July 29, 2015

I realize that I might sound crazy for even thinking about fall clothing when we are smack-dab in the middle of summer. But if you’ve been ’round these parts for some time, you know that I chose not to buy ANY clothing from the beginning of June through the end of August. I was so inspired by Caroline from Un-Fancy and her capsule wardrobes that I decided to do the same. I spent the month of May planning my three month, summer wardrobe and bought a few pieces that I thought were essentials. I also spent time weeding through my closet and got rid of a ton of things.

It felt really good.

I’ve now been on my shopping-cleanse for two months now. So far, so good. I have saved more money these past two months that I have saved any other month this entire year. I realized that I had what I needed, and I avoided online window shopping, which really freed up time to do other things online that were more intentional.

All around good things.

But I’m getting to the point where I’m itching to shop and wear some new pieces. And that’s where this fall wardrobe planning comes in. I’ve decided that I’m going to do another capsule wardrobe for the fall and not shop from September through the beginning of December. I’m going to intentionally plan what I “need” to add to my closet, do some “research” of where to buy these pieces and purchase them once September hits.

I’m super excited about it.

Like I said above, I’ve been saving more money these past two months than I normally do, which is so great. I’ve also been using this really cool app called Digit to save some money that I plan to use for my fall wardrobe. have you heard about Digit? It’s so, so cool. It links to your bank account and studies your income and spending patterns, and based on that, it takes out small amounts of money a few times each week and puts it into a savings account for you that you can access whenever. The entire idea is that it’s saving you money without you even realizing that it’s doing it. For example, my total savings since starting Digit a few months ago is $325. The average dollar amount per transaction is $7 and the total savings transfers is about 45. Isn’t that so cool? It’s $300 that I haven’t even noticed has been put away for me. I really recommend Digit if you are trying to save for something specific. The cool thing is they text you every time money is saved for you and when you want the money put back into your checking account, all you have to do is text them and it will go right back in. I’ve found it so useful! I think I’m going to use Digit to save for my Christmas gift shopping this year.

Anyways, sorry for the Digit rant. I’ve just been loving it so much and thought I would share the love.

Back to the fun stuff – I’ve already started planning for my fall wardrobe, and so far, here are some pieces that are inspiring me for my fall capsule:

Fall Clothing Guide1


1. Necklace 2. Jacket 3. Bag 4. Bracelet 5. Earrings 6. Shirt 7. Booties

Fall Clothing Guide 2


8. Sweater 9. Scarf 10. t-shirt 11. Joggers 12. Skirt

I’m really into the fall classics, like buffalo plaid and green army jackets mixed with gold-bronzey jewelry and fun scarfs. Since I really want to focus on buying less, but buying quality, I’m trying to find t-shirts and sweaters in flattering cuts and neutral colors that I can add fun accessories to.

Are you already looking forward to fall like me? What are you excited to wear in the coming months?

xo, E