Tuesday, January 21, 2014


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    denoting an outstanding or supreme example of a particular kind of person or thing.

Sounds JUST like me, right?! ;)

So the job search has taken over my life at this point. If I'm not online applying to jobs (I think I've applied to 200, I'm not even being that dramatic) I'm dropping off resumes, and worrying about being jobless (worrying is my job now). I am usually such a type-A when it comes to my "plan." I usually know what I'll be doing a month, 6 months, a year from now. But now, being in Chicago I have no idea. And in the long-run, whole-picture scheme of things I'm sure this is good for me and I'm sure that I will end up right where I'm supposed to be. I just have no idea where that is at the moment. 

One of my favorite gals Dana came across this really cool opportunity at Uber and told me I should apply, which I did obviously because I am a job-applying maniac. Uber is this cool, new start-up company that is a much better alternative to a normal taxi. Your cab rides are done completely through the app - requesting a pick-up, payment (even tip) are all on the app. The app even tells you how far away your car is. It's actually pretty neat.

The job is for a Community Manager, which is right up my ally because it's all about communication and reaching out to people (love love love that). The cool/scary thing about the position is that I need to get 25 NEW users to sign-up/download the app and enter in my promo code. If I get 25 new people to do this, then I get an automatic interview. 

So here I am. Reaching out to you and asking for help (help an unemployed gal out ya'll)!!
If you don't have Uber, download the app and enter in my promo code: winter3106
You have to sign-up completely for me to get credit, that means filling out a quick form and adding your card number - now don't freak out, your card isn't charged until you actually use the service. Even if you aren't in a major city that offers Uber, you can still sign up (I'm looking at you Salt Lake folks)!! And if you are in a city that offers Uber, than you are in luck because entering in my promo code will give you $20 off your first Uber ride!

THANK YOU in advance to all of you who will download the app and use my promo code. Uber is such a fun company to work for (so I hear) and I would be so excited I was able to get 25 signups. 

Please and thank you! I love you all. I promise I'll be back to normal/fun posts tomorrow :)

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