Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Running Playlist

Hey Ya'll! (ya'll is like my new word this month - I think it's from all the Friday Night Lights I've been watching #sorrynotsorry). 

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Anyways, I am back on the running bandwagon. Which for me, is a good bandwagon to be on since I feel like I've been eating my way through Chicago these past few weeks. I am toying with the idea of running the Chicago Marathon in October (if I can fork out the $$ and get past the waiting list) so I have been trying to be good about my running routine. I'm so thankful that our apartment has a gym in the building because no-siree would I be running outside in 10 degree weather. 

I NEED good, pump-up music/songs when I am running. Especially when I'm stuck on a treadmill for an hour. I thought I would share some of my favorites at the moment (remember last year when I shared my running playlist that I made for the half marathon?? You can see that here).

My list is RANDOM, from 80's favorites to Parental Advisory gansta rap. Either way I think they are the perfect running tunes:
  1. Lapdance - N.E.R.D.
  2. Kiss - Prince
  3. Tightrope - Janelle Monae
  4. Donza Kuduro - Don Omar
  5. Hypnotize - The Notorious B.I.G.
  6. Lonesome Dreams - Lorde Huron
  7. Pursuit of Happiness - Kid Cudi
  8. Ni**as in Paris - Jay Z & Kanye West
  9. Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott
  10. Tambourine - Eve
  11. One, Two Step - Ciara
  12. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani
  13. Don't Wait - Mapei (good cool-down song)
Also, if you use Pandora, I would highly recommend switching over to Songza - the site/app gives you suggested playlists based on the time of day and I always LOVE the songs that are on the playlists I choose - from "Coffee Shop Indie" to "Fired Up Dance Party Tunes." I think it's a great alternative to Pandora (less commercials too!)

What are some of you're favorite running beats?! I could always use more :)

Thanks for reading!! xox
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  1. Dancing on my own by Robyn #sorrynotsorry. and just keep thinking Clear Eyes, Full Heart, Can't Lose. #againsorrynotsorry

    1. haha YES! How could I forget that song?! SO. GOOD.

  2. I love anything and all things Robyn. Also, anything Missy Elliott for sure ("Music Make You Lose Control" especially). Oooo! And Bad Girls or YALA by M.I.A.

    1. haha YES, Lauren and I are obsessed with Robyn :) I'll have to start listening to more M.I.A.!!

  3. I'm in the same boat...I'm trying to get into running but it's a STRUGGLE unless I have good music. I like It has playlists created by real people and you can search by genre, keyword, artist, anything really. Plus it's fun to get excited about which song is coming up next, because it's always a surprise :)

    1. I've heard 8track is so cool, I'll have to check it out! :)