Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chicago Thoughts

I've hit my one week mark. The sun has come out a few times, and I haven't gotten lost yet on public transit. I'd say, overall, things are good!

obvi seeing 2 chainz. jk.

  • I still haven't cried about the move (shocking, I cry all the time). I did cry once - but that was because UPS was stupid and didn't deliver my mattress when they said they would. I was without a bed for five days. Good thing I'm living with my best gal and we just snuggled. I now have a bed and it's comfy and I'm sleeping soundly.
99% of the time, this is what I'm looking at on my phone. Google Maps is my bitch - Or maybe I'M Google Map's bitch? not sure which.

  • I also put all of my bedroom furniture together myself. I'm an independent woman and I don't need no man (although a man would be nice..)
Trains and fur coats are my life now.

  • Speaking of males, I've been Tinder talking, which is different than Tinder Dating because I haven't met any of these gents in person, and honestly don't know if I will. But for now, it's pretty fun. Although the conversations always start out the same way.. "WHAT? You moved from you Utah?! Are you MORMON?!" .. no jackass, I am not. That's not really how I respond. Obviously I am VERY ladylike. Obviously.

Exploring new coffee shops with my lovely Dana Bear. YAY for college friends in this city.

  • There is a Chipotle like .05 miles from my apartment - really, what is there to cry about when you can be at Chipotle in two minutes flat? Nothing.
And the best of all. New roomie and lifelong friend. Here we go Sasha T, this is going to be a crazy 2014.

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Thanks for reading friends! Talk soon.

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  1. oh guuuurl, you a strong independent woman!

  2. And have i mentioned how it feels WAAAAY longer than just a week? i miss you! let's go to a summer concert when you come to visit next.

    1. YESS!!! Please!! Red Butte is where I thrive!