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Fall Capsule Wardrobe

October 2, 2015

Welcome to my fall capsule wardrobe! Here I’ll show you everything that I plan on wearing for the next three months (37 pieces, including shoes!) Before I jump into the fun stuff, let me talk about why I’m choosing to limit my closet to these 37 items.

I have been playing around with a capsule wardrobe for a few months now. At the beginning of the summer, I decided to not purchase any clothing from June 1st through September 1st, and I actually stuck with it. (which is crazy, y’all! I was such a shopaholic!) Overall, I saved more money in those three months than I normally do and I found that over time, the temptation to go shopping, window shopping, or browsing online decreased dramatically. Opening up more time to do more important things.

I’ve been so inspired by minimalist fashion bloggers ( is my fave) and the “less is more” mentality. I noticed over the last three months that my last minute shopping decisions were leading to more money spent on things that I didn’t really want and need long term. I also would spend a lot of time shopping sales and buying things because they were cheaper, and not necessarily because I loved them, leading to a closet stuffed full with things that didn’t bring me much joy.

So, I purged my closet, donated so many things over the past three months and tucked things away in storage that I know I won’t wear for the next season, and now here I am with these 37 pieces. I’ve been dressing with this wardrobe for over a week now and it’s been so nice to get dressed in the morning with a closet full of things that I’m  excited to wear. Although the quantity of my clothes has decreased dramatically, the overall quality of the pieces I do have is so much greater than before.

Now for the fun stuff, the clothes. Here we go:

Fall Capsule Wardrobe_tops blue check shirtchambray shirt – purple plaid shirt (gap)

Polka dot shirt (anthropologie) – floral shirt (piperlime) – grey long sleeve tee

striped teehome teegreen v-neck tee

grey tee – white baseball tee (j crew) – grey sweatshirt

black sweatergrey patterned sweater – navy & grey sweater (anthropologie)

grey v-neck sweater (similar) – dark grey cardigan (similar) – burnt orange sweater (gap)

Fall Capsule Wardrobe_Bottomscargo vest (similar) – denim vest – striped skirt (similar)

striped dress (similar) – silk pantsgreen high-rise jeans

distressed skinny jeansdark skinny jeans – distressed boyfriend jeans (similar)

Fall Capsule Wardrobe Shoes

red suede bootiesbrown leather bootiesblack booties

nude d’orsay flatsblack flats

black leather bootsbrown tie-up bootsbrown leather boots

black leather vanswhite high top converse

Let me know if you are interested in seeing how I style my capsule! And if you have any questions about capsule wardrobes, feel free to ask a question in the comments, or over on my instagram.

xo, e


best birthdays

September 17, 2015

ice-cream-with-unique-toppings-17I’ve always been a lover of birthdays. My birthday. Friend’s birthdays. Half birthdays! Any reason to eat cake and throw confetti around is a beautiful thing. For me, celebrating the past year of your life and welcoming a new one is equal parts fun and reminiscent. I always like to take time to remember all the amazing things that happened in the past year, as well as the challenges, and create goals and intentions for the year to come.

A friend recently asked me what my favorite birthday has been. And it’s so hard to choose just one. I made my love for birthdays extremely well known growing up, and my mother always went above and beyond. Here are some of my favorite birthday memories:

For my 8th birthday, my mom took me and a few my closest friends to see Madeline in the movie theater. We all got popcorn and candy and at the time I thought it was the biggest deal to have all of my friends with my at the movies. We later went to Friendly’s and had ice cream. My mom, friends, a good movie and junk food. My ideal birthday at 8 is pretty similar to what my ideal birthday would be today.

When I turned 15, my mom and dad took me and two of my closest friends to New York City for a long weekend. My girlfriends and I made mixed CDs for the 6 hour car ride and we rocked out the entire way. We shopped, ate amazing food and explored the city. It was perfection and over the top and oh-so fun. My 15th birthday happened about a week after my parents told me we were moving across the country, so I think they were trying to buy my love at this point. It worked pretty well.

My 21st birthday was spent in Florence, Italy while I was studying abroad. My five roommates and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Trattoria Dante, which was mostly our favorite place because they always gave us free wine and limoncello shots, which is really all you need on a 21st birthday. Here’s a photo.. see what I mean about all the wine!


This year I have no idea what’s going on, Samu has something up his sleeve and I’ve tried to get it out of him but he won’t budge. Of course I’ll give the entire run-down of events here next week..because I’ll find any excuse to keep talking about my birthday.


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30 Days of Creativity

September 1, 2015

30daysofCreativityWelcome to September, friends. While most people are mourning the sunshiny days of summer, I am completely content to transition into cooler, crisper fall days. Let’s break out the scarves and pumpkin flavored everything. Autumn, I’m ready for you.

September has always been my favorite month. It’s been a long-time joke in my family that I celebrate my birthday all month long. I really think everyone should adapt the same mindset. Celebrating yourself 1/12 of the entire year? Sounds pretty ideal.

So while I’ll be eating pounds of cake guilt-free and taking advantage of all the birthday freebies (Free Ben & Jerry’s on your birthday? Incredible!), I’m also focusing on being creative all month long.

I’m super hesitant to call this a “30 Days Challenge” because the word challenge kind of takes the fun out of it. So I’m going to avoid that all together, and just call it the “30 Days of Creativity.” Sound good?

I’ll be painting, writing or drawing a little bit every day this month and invite you to join me! It’ll be so fun and really cool to see the art we can create if we just take a few minutes each day to set aside the work and the to-dos and unleash our creativity.

I’ll be checking in a few times throughout the month to share what I’ve created and hopefully to hear about your art as well!

Have fun and happy September!!



Workout Motivation

August 19, 2015

Nothing motivates me more than cute workout clothes. The marathon is only 52 days away and the milage for my weekend runs are getting higher and higher (I’m scheduled to run 16 this weekend.. gasp!). But I am so much more excited to spend multiple hours running at one time if I have my favorite Lulu Lemon shorts paired with my hot pink tank. It just feels good! I can’t explain it any more than that. If you’re like me and need an extra boost to get your running shoes on and your butt out the door, here are some cute running clothes I’m currently lusting over. Happy running!
Cure Running Workout ClothesBras: onetwothree   Shorts: onetwothree   Tops: onetwothree




The Best Brunch Spots in Chicago

August 18, 2015

the best brunch spots in chicago


Is there anything better than weekend brunch? The answer is yes – weekend brunch in Chicago. Chi is doing it so right with all of its incredible brunch options. There are so many places in this big city to get your eggs and bloody mary’s, so I thought I would create a list of the best brunch that I’ve had in Chicago. Happy Brunching!

Over Easy (Ravenswood): I have to mention Over Easy first because it’s the brunch spot that I go to most often and honestly my favorite. Located in the northern neighborhood of Ravenswood, Over Easy provides an extensive menu with so much variety. Every week there are 4-5 specials, one of which is always a special benedict. The best thing to get at Over Easy? Without a doubt is the Sassy Eggs. It’s potato, egg + guacamole goodness. A few things to know about Over Easy – There will most likely be a wait and you’ll have to wait outside (although there is complimentary coffee while you wait) and there are no espresso drinks on the menu, so go to Starbucks beforehand if you need a latte fix. Trust me, this place is SO GOOOOD.

The Bongo Room (Uptown & Wicker Park): The Bongo Room is a pretty well known spot, and for good reasons! If you go to the Uptown location, try to sit outside. The back patio is lined with a fence of plants and flowers. Also if you can, get there right when they open at 9, otherwise you’ll be waiting for a table for a while. Anything from the “sweet” section of the menu is incredible. The tea selection is also really great with options like Toasted Almond. So much yum!

Summer House (Lincoln Park): This is the spot to go with a bunch of girlfriends and take photos. Seriously, this space is so pretty and airy. I want my home to look like it! If you can, try to sit in the Vitamin D room. The ceiling is made of glass and the light it lets in is so great. The menu is a knockout as well. The Morning Sandwiches are really good and they have a full bakery with endless sweets. I recommend taking a cookie to go.

Big Jones (Andersonville): Delicious Southern cooking in the Swedish neighborhood Andersonville. Oh my Goodness. Firstly, get a latte. It’s one of the best lattes I’ve had. Secondly, when you go on the weekends, you’re given complimentary beignets. Is there anything better? No. For the main dish, I think the corn griddle cakes are incredible and Sam recommends the Gumbo Ya-Ya.

Tre Kronor (Albany Park): Albany Park might not be the most convenient spot to get to, but trust me, Tre Kronor is sooo worth it. Tre Kronor is traditional Swedish breakfast with menu items like Pannekaker, Swedish pancakes with lingon berries. The restaurant itself is nestled inside a two story home, making it so warm and inviting. Make sure to get the raspberry danish and latte to start! And after your meal, visit the Sweden Shop next door! It’s my second favorite part about going to Tre Kronor (after the danishes).

Homeslice (Lincoln Park): Normally I would not recommend a pizza place for brunch, but Homeslice brunch kills it. First things first, your bloody mary is served with a tiny slice of pizza on top. Incredible. If you are craving a sweet, indulgent breakfast, order the french toast sticks. They’re served with ice cream making them brunch and dessert all in one. If you aren’t feeling so decadent, I recommend the pulled pork hash. The menu isn’t extensive, but the bloody mary alone makes this place worth it.

The Publican (West Loop): A somewhat classy, German farmhouse is how I would describe The Publican. There’s a lot of meats and cheeses on the menu, and it’s oh-so good. It has to be if it’s located in the West Loop, right? Most of the seating is communal, so get a coffee, the crab scramble and make friends with the people sitting next to you.



Color Inspiration

August 5, 2015

I’ve been spending some quality time with Pinterest the last few days. Sam has been out of town this week, so I’m filling the hours alone in the apartment with Pinterest. There are worse things.

Obviously one of my favorite things about Pinterest is the home decor inspo that it brings, but to be honest, sometimes it overwhelms me. I see these beautiful rooms filled with so much character and charm and sometimes it’s almost too much to take it all in. We live in a rental apartment that has nice features, but lacks a bit in character (think exposed brick, vaulted ceilings, etc.). It makes me feel like the rooms that I’m lusting over on Pinterest are unattainable to me. But when I really think about what I love most about the photos, it often comes down to the color choices in the room. So maybe right now we can’t have painted black flooring or the exact abstract artwork in the photo, but we can find things in similar color families and add them to our spaces to give a similar vibe.

Sometimes it’s hard to look past the details in each room and just focus on colors, so I’ve gone ahead and taken five photos of beautiful rooms that I’m loving, and pulled out my favorite colors from each to use as a guide. I hope this helps anyone with the same design problem as me!
Color Inspo_Home_5



Color Inspo_Home_2



Color Inspo_Home_3



Color Inspo_Home_4



Color Inspo_Home_1

xo, E

P.S. Let’s be friends on Pinterest!!