Loving lately: Hanging Flowers

February 12, 2016

Hi friends. Happy Friday. I have been seeing so many beautiful photos recently on Pinterest with lovely hanging flowers. I know this is typically done for weddings, but it’s so pretty it should be done for other occasions too! Birthdays, showers, just a random day!

1045d6317bd76d5786186b636a54f4c9 ee4dd8f7100ec9e8d71460a9932b1fd0 aedd9f278f3cc9af66ec56387f2b371d 412ea437d626b5bfb254aff5b4b348b6 e0715df86414dd67f3540969641a4c7e 70d00a5ff3098a5febef1210f235357d f3f783a9c1fac160b4d2982d0e499256 6166a31bc9f1bc4f02bc01ecdf80e9e2 8971453b5fb3045d83c685112d5aee46So pretty, right? Hope you have a good weekend

xx – Erica


Valentine’s Day Playlist

February 10, 2016

We’re less than a week away from Valentine’s Day friends. What are you doing for the big day of love? Currently I have absolutely nothing planned, which is so unlike me. But I’m sure something fun will come up! I’ll keep you posted.

I do know that I plan on listening to over-the-top, lovey-dovey tunes all week long (which isn’t too different from a normal week, tbh). If you want to join in on the sappy song fun, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist that you should subscribe to! The jams I’ve included include (but are limited to this list:

Valentines Day Playlist

So I’ve been listening to this list for over a week now, and I’ve realized that some songs that I always thought were iconic love song, are actually really depressing!! For example, When a Man Loves a Woman.. This is a verse from the song:

When a man loves a woman
Spend his very last dime
Trying to hold on to what he needs
He’d give up all his comfort
Sleep out in the rain
If she said that’s the way it ought to be

I NEVER noticed how dark the lyrics are until now. Oh well, it’s not going to stop me from listening and pretending that it’s the perfect love song.

What are some of your favorite love songs? I’d LOVE to know 😉

xx – Erica

Flower photo via Shay Cochrane


Gifts for your Man Love

February 4, 2016

10 days and counting until Valentine’s Day friends! How excited are you? I hope VERY. You know I am. So a few days ago I put together a little  v-day gift guide for the ladies in your life. So I I thought I’d put together one for the men..even though I find the males very hard to shop for. But I figure if I find it difficult, then I’m sure some of you do too, so I’ve gone ahead and made it easier for you. You’re welcome.

Here’s what I think your man love will like this year.

Valentines Day Gift Guide_him

man can // coffee // french press // headphones // tie // game

What do you think? Would your guy like these gifts?

xx – erica


A Frame

February 2, 2016


I’ve been particularly obsessed with a-frame cabins recently. They just look so cute and cozy and it would be a dream to one day own one of these beauties. Imagine snuggling up inside with hot chocolate, a million blankets and a good book. My ideal cabin would be close to mountains for skiing access in the winter and also by a lake, for epic weekend trips on the water for the summer. A girl can dream, right?

Here are some a-frame cabins I’ve been lusting over recently.

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Want to see more? Check out my Pinterest

xx – erica


Lady Love Day Gifts

February 1, 2016

Happy February, friends! I can’t believe the first month of 2016 has come and gone! How are your New Year’s resolutions coming? Maybe that’s a conversation for another day..

The day of official day of love is two weeks away and if you have a special lady or any gal pals that you are hoping to spoil this year, I have a gift round-up for you!

Valentines Day Gift Guide

perfume // necklace // candle // matches // exfoliant // blanket // bracelet 

xx Erica


Pink and Red and Pretty All Over

January 27, 2016


February is the perfect time to apologetically wear loads and loads of reds and pinks (although, anytime of year is fine with me!) I’m so inspired by all of these bright and colorful outfits and spaces that I thought I’d share them here. Hopefully they inspire you too.

Sam and I are going on a fancy date tomorrow night and these images are inspiring me to put together a bright red and pink look. (has anyone else in Chicago taken advantage of Restaurant Week? We’re going to Bistro Champagne.. I’m so excited!)

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What’s been inspiring you lately??

xx Erica