Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Birthday Celebrations in Chicago

To say that I like birthdays is an understatement.

I loooovee birthdays.

And not just my own (although it's usually my favorite), I love any and all birthdays. Presents, cake and a party. What's not to love?

This week it seems I've been somewhat of a birthday diva. My birthday isn't until Friday, but because I'm currently home visiting my parents in Utah, I celebrated in Chicago last weekend. Clearly I'm not upset about the dragged out celebration.

The festivities in Chicago involved Mexican food (my fave), my lady friends and the b-friend, ice cream cake, wonderful gifts, brunch (also a fave) and sunny weather. It was perfect.

Here are some snaps of the celebration:

A birthday brunch isn't complete without an ice cream-topped cookie.

Hangin' at the conservatory. He's sucha model. 

Playing cards in the park

Sorry not sorry for being a birthday diva :)

xo, e

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Red Shift Dress

Happy Friday friends!

I always tend to gravitate towards pieces in my wardrobe that are easy and effortless. This red dress is definitely example of that. The loose, a-line fit makes it so so comfortable and simple to style. I wear this dress either with or without a belt, with a statement necklace and either heels or flats. It's so versatile, which I love!

Do you have easy pieces in your closet that you always gravitate towards too??

xo, e

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I am all about new beginnings, fresh starts and clean slates. 

I love new years (not the midnight party, I really dislike that in fact), but the actual new year. A new number that we can use to assign our goals to. A number that can be used as a guideline to help us develop into the people we hope to become in twelve short months. I know some people find the idea of resolutions cheesy, but I for one find them refreshing and comforting and something that I always look forward to around January 1st.

I love resolutions and new beginnings so much that I have a second mark on my calendar that represents an additional new start.


The change in season during this time seems ideal for turning a new leaf (so to speak). Also, it's convenient for me to think of it as a new beginning because during this month I'm given a new number. I celebrate my birthday and I have a whole new twelve months ahead of me to work with. 

I love having the new platform to assign goals to. 

I know, so dorky.

So now, as my new number is approaching, I'm nostalgic for this last year of my life and I'm thinking about all that I wanted to accomplish, and all the wonderful things that happened to me that I didn't even plan for. 

Here's a very brief overview of what 23 looked like for me:

I quit a job that I really liked, in a city that I didn't like so much, to move to a new city that I loved but had no job.

I moved into an apartment with my very best friend. My soul sister. My bff since age ten. My number one. It's been amazing and we've only had one minor argument about closet space - and that's pretty good considering the amount of clothing we have..

Within three (very cold, January) weeks I found a job. In hindsight, finding a job was pretty seamless. But I'm such a planner, so I did have a few meltdowns and "why did I move here?" moments

Because of this job, I made a new best friend who just so happens to be my boyfriend -something I didn't plan on happening in year 23.. but I'm so happy it did. 

My soul sister (the one mentioned above) also started working at this said job.. so the gangs all together and that makes happy hours super fun. 

I continued writing Sweet Endeavors and I joined a few blogging communities in Chicago. Because of this, I've attended a number of blogging events, met fellow bloggers and had more collaborations and opportunities on my site. 

I started training for a marathon and I think I put more miles in at 23 than I have at any other age. Ever. Just a few weeks into 24 I'll run the Chicago Marathon. 

23 has been my most adventurous year yet. I've learned a lot, but I think the number one thing I'm taking away from this year is that things fall into place just as they're supposed to. Although I sometimes panic when everything isn't planned out, everything that happens is exactly what's supposed to happen. I'm starting to see that now. Some of the best things that happened in 23 were things I not only didn't plan for, but were things I wasn't even thinking about. They just happened. 

And I'm so glad they did.

23 has exceeded all of my expectations, and I'm hopeful that 24 will do just the same. 

xo, e

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Fall Hat

At the beginning of every season, I always have a wish-list of items that I want to get for the change in weather. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons, one of them being the fashion! I cannot get enough of layers, boots and scarves. 

I had been eyeing some floppy, felt hats for a few weeks, and now that the weather is permanently below 80 degrees, I thought it was an appropriate time to buy! I decided on this hat by David and Young for a few different reasons, one them being that I could use a free Groupon Coupon on the purchase, which made it even less expensive. Which is always great!

Top: Forever 21 // Jeans: J Crew // Bag: H&M (old. Similar style here) // Booties: Gap (old. Similar style here) // Elephant Necklace: J Crew // Gold Necklace: Thrifted

What's on your fall wish-list?!

xo, e

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This post was sponsored by Groupon. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Campers Life for Me

There is something about sleeping outside, in the fresh air and underneath the stars that is incredibly perfect. It's refreshing and head-clearing and I always leave with straighten thoughts - and luckily only a few mosquito bites.

Last Friday night, after work, a group of friends and I drove a few hours and camped on Lake Michigan in Zion, Illinois. I found it hilarious that the town we camped in was called Zion, because I'm used to Zion, Utah.. which are pretty much the exact opposites of each other, but they're both great in unique ways.

By the time we got to the campsite it was dark, but we set up our tents, made a fire and ate s'mores. The beach was only steps away, so we spent a lot of our 16 hours of camping at the water (naturally). 

Sasha and I gathered some beach rocks to use as decoration in our apartment. The style of the rocks we chose were so different it was funny. Sasha's were all smooth with calming colors. Mine were jagged with glittery bits running through.

Our one-night camping adventure was a perfect way to spend one of the last weekends of summer. I think because of our night under the sky, I'm going into Monday more refreshed and with clearer thoughts. 

Every time I camp I'm always reminded of how healing sleeping outside can be.. 

xo, e

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